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William and Annie Mansell first child Ella Rowena born Dec 13, 1913 at Alexander. Manitoba, and married Vernon Ray Munroe Nov 16, 1935 at Maymont Sask., when Mansell Family lived near Sonningdale Sask. Not sure why they moved to Toronto area during war, but they operated small gas station and convenience store. Again not sure when they moved to Richmond BC. Uncle Vern Munroe born Sept 6, 1904 worked in the Rice Mill in Richmond till his death in Jan 7, 1963. I assume he was some kind of contractor there, as the company did not deduct his income tax etc. and when he died Aunt Ella had a hard time figuring it all out. 
MANSELL, Ella Rowena (I142)
2 (Medical):? Prostate cancer - mouth cancer ADRIAN, Henry Fernan (I86)
3 (Medical):At Tommy's death - he (age 6) and his brotherWilliam age 10 had been picking wild flowers & came to thewell to get water for themselves at the pump. When Tommystood on the lid of the well to get his drink the lidslipped and he fell into the well and drowned. MANSELL, Thomas (I137)
4 (Medical):Deceased. Death time and cause unknown. MORRIS, George (I210)
5 (Medical):Died as a baby. MANSELL, Amy Nora Doreen (I166)
6 (Medical):Died as a baby. MORRIS, Stanley (I190)
7 (Medical):Died at the age of 19 years. MANSELL, George Elzon (I167)
8 (Medical):Died suddenly at home. MUNRO, Vernon Ray (I65)
9 (Medical):Had no Family. MANSELL, Arnold C. H. (I170)
10 (Medical):Heavy drinker, and had diabetes.
Great Grandpa William was from a well to do family in London. His marriage to Sarah a poor person was not acceptable to the rest of Williams family and he was disowned as far as they were concerned. As far as is known there was no more contact with his family after the marriage (1866). They left London and immigrated to Canada and arrived at Drummondville Ontario, which later became Niagara Falls and then on to the Municipality of Whitehead (near Brandon Man.) and lived on a farm. William was a stone mason.
( written notes from Aunt Ella or Grannie- Alan April 07) 
MANSELL, William (I43)
11 1851 Census - Schoolmistriss, aged 41 from Westcote. brother in law David Payne from Icomb living with Johnsons

1861 Census Entry gives David Payne (44) from Icomb

1871 Census Age 61 (from Westcote) with daughter Ann, and brother David ,54

1881 Census Age 72 Westcote

1891 Census Lower Slaughter Age 81 living with daughter (census indicate daughter in law) Elizabeth Johnson and also grandaughter also called Elizabeth Johnson 
PAYNE, Elizabeth (I663)
12 1851 Census John Johnson 70 years farmer of 18 acres Lower Slaughter
1861 Census Age 80 retired farmer Lower Slaughter both with wife Elizabeth Johnson
Buried Oct 31 1866 Prestbury Gloucestershire 
JOHNSON, John (I690)
13 1851 Lower Slaughter Age 9 with sisters Mary 13 Elizabeth 5 Anne 4 and Amelia 1 in \61 shows age 19 sisters Anne and Emily no occupation

!871 census William Johnson head Mar 29 Shoemaker Lower Slaughter Elizabeth Johnson wife Mar 29 Bourton 
JOHNSON, William (I666)
14 According to Bill Featherstone site born in 1810 and died 1885
Father to Annie Johnson married into Mossons and Emily Johnson married into Wragg's 
JOHNSON, Joseph (I57)
15 According to great grand daughter Dawn Christenson James and Ann Maria came to Wisconsin around 1861. Not sure if through Canada info by Featherstone site who was in touch with Dawn MOSSON, Anne Marie (I824)
16 Acording to Bll Feathstone via Jon Bakers web site It appears that Henry, Annie, Ciss, and William went to Canada on the SS Tunisian from Liverpool. (The same ship Ted Keen emigrated on 3 years later)
A ticket was issued on May 3 1906 to Henry 54 Annie 56 William 30 Annie 17 ( sis) Dora Bert & Emily came in Mar 1906 and Jennette came in Aug 1907. Emily was already in China as a missionary 
JOHNSON, Annie (I75)
17 After Joe Filgas died Anna was awarded a homestead in the Purple Springs area ( I assume Alberta) and she farmed it until her sons were old enough to take over 
KROPINYAK, Anna (I584)
18 Aged 6 weeks when buried in lower Slaughter JOHNSON, John (I665)
19 Alcide had at least two cousins Theodore Prezeau died in 1949 at age of 53 so born 1896 was President of operating engineers union across Canadas and located in Montreal see scanned writeup

He also had cousin Romeo Prezeau who died in Quebec i think in Feb 18 1942

who there father and mother was is a guess 
PREZEAU, Alcide Joseph (I261)
20 Ann Walker may be 1738-1820 From Jon Bakers Family F208
21 Anna and Joseph Filgas had four other children besides noted Joseph

When she was married to Simon Gyorko she came to Canada with two children and one of them Simon was born on the boat over. She married Joseph soon after Simon died. 
KROPINYAK, Anna (I584)
22 Bill & Mary Mosson had no children.

I,m sure he contacted Mother (Lil) in Canoe. Talk to Mike for I think he knows something 
MOSSON, William(Bill) Henry (I78)
23 Brother of Jack Morris.
(Medical):In my notes death date was June 29 196_ couldnot read all of the last number. 
MORRIS, Sandy (San) (I24)
24 Brother of Sandy (San) Morris MORRIS, John Thomas (I189)
25 Buried in Westlawn Memorial Edmonton with husband Garnet F Forsyth MANSELL, Alice Ruth Evangeline (I165)
26 Call number: Source (S1)
27 Call number: Source (S2)
28 Carl Erik Grahn's father was Erik Hylmar Grahn and he was born June 16 1906 in Vasterbotten Sweden. His mother is unknown and is listed here as unknown.
Carl came to Canada Mar 31 1924 age of 17. On passage sheet on Swedish side it looks like Erik signed for him to come, but it may have been another Grahn relative has there really is no information saying that his father came back to get him in /24
I have records showing that Erik applied for lands in Alberta in 1911 and he eventually opened a full section. There is evidence that Carl soon after coming to Canada owned some land has I have a tax notice in his name

When Carl leased farm out I do not know and I do not know for sure whether he took over his father's land after he died. I just found this tax notice today Feb 19 2019 
GRAHN, Carl Erik (I304)
29 Could be born @ Stoughton Gloucestershire via Furze Family Tree MOSSON, Joseph (I827)
30 Could this be John Johnson, farmer of 210 acres employing 2 boys and 2 women, aged 75 from Stow on the Wld in 1881? Living at 8 FarmHouse Maugersbury. Wife Elizabeth (83) John (46) -partly deaf and dumb, Joesph (41) William (41) all unmarried and born in Marleybourne Middlesex

Above from Jon Bakers web site 
JOHNSON, John (I693)
31 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I428)
32 Dad was cremated and son Mike spread his ashes over Larch Hills overlooking Canoe. He might have pictures of the view from the site. Don Henry, dads good friend and past owner of Canoe store, came with him that day.

(Medical):Dad was in Vancouver General Hospital, Centennial Pavillion Bldg room # 648.

Died between midnight & 3:00 am.
Dr Melville Shaw 750 West Broadway Vancouver BC. (Fairmont Medical Bldg) 874-3722. Inserted by youngest son Michael John 
MANSELL, Stanley Thomas (I191)
33 Darrell is married to ?? but has no Children from Lena Mote note to Ella computer saved Jack Morris and Lucy Mansell family MOTE, Darrell (I508)
34 Died from falling off a train while trying to hitch a ride FILGAS, Joseph (I566)
35 Doreen second marriage to Gary Chapman have no children. She has two children by first marriage. Doreen has not worked since marriage to Gary who is in the advertising business Chapman, Doreen (I432)
36 Edward (Ted) married to Sheri Ted worked for Chrysler Corp. and is a race care nut, his job has something to do with supervising and planing races.

Note on this family are from Mildred Elizabeth Wensley daughter of Dora Mosson and Ted Featherstone 
??, Edward Ted (I431)
37 Elizabeth MaryJohnson was a assistant teacher B\ Scholl Lower Slaughter in 1901

She was shown in to attain grade 5 and left school for unknown reasons at age 12 in Oct 8 1887 
JOHNSON, Elizabeth Mary (I694)
38 Emigration to Canada April 10 1904 Later in Iwans site says arrived in Montreal Mar 24 1911
GRAHN, Karl Oskar (I625)
39 Emily Mosson was at parents and brother Bert's farm in Alexander Manitoba when a religious group came around and said there was no good meeting here and you should go south around Fargo North Dakota. This group was called the 2 by 2 s and as far as I (Alan) know they are still operating. According to Kathleen's letter on internet Annie the mother was not happy with these people, but Emily went south to Fargo. Letter implies Ciss went also but I don't think so. Emily worked at this religion for at least a couple years and then married Leslie Hoskins. How long they were married is not known but letter says he died of ruptured appendix April of 1913 when she was 6 months pregnant with Kathleen Anne. She left Minnisota and went back to parent's house in Alexander.
Less then a year later John Wilson's first wife Elizabeth May died two or three days after giving birth to son Edward ( Ted ) James Wilson on Dec 24 1913. She had been depressed for some time after her fourth daughter "Rose" died at about a year old when a neighbour friend dropped the baby on her head. John and Elizabeth May had 3 daughters and this son, and Emily "Mosson" Hoskins said ehe would take the baby to look after has Polly, John's sister from England would not look after baby as she was supposed to do when John brought her out from England. John and Emily were married in Dec 21st 2014 at Emily's parents farm in Deepdale 
MOSSON, Emily (I50)
40 Erika was just worn out with all the children in short time. She died 8 days after giving birth to last daughter Hulda Her husband waited 2 years and then remarried to Brita Magdalena Johansdotter ( 1845-1930). They never had children but she had two from previous marriage. no info Sjolund, Erika (I877)
41 Family not known.(Medical):Deceased MANSELL, Ralph (I173)
42 Featherstone site says he died 1887 Lower Slaughter MOSSON, Charles (I622)
43 From sites on Heritage it appears she Married either William Wheeler or Esau Dowler in 1851 in Lower Slaughter Gloucestershire. no sign of children died at 40 in USA MOSSON, Anne Marie (I824)
44 Funeral held in Northminister Memorial United Church.
Her children Eileen and Larry have adopted Children Names?? 
MORRIS, Lena Agnes (I193)
45 Have digital copy of licence and original in Shirleys photo book MARTEL, Marie (I612)
46 He had two wifes need to go back to Jon Bakers site JOHNSON, Joesph (I548)
47 He never married and lost a leg in the battle of Vimey Ridge in WW 1 FILGAS, Joseph (I585)
48 He was 17 years and 4months and 10 days from death notice

I have no info on what caused his death 
MANSELL, George Elzon (I167)
49 Her last name maybe Cash from Lena Motes note to Ella 1988 which is saved on computer as Jack Morris and Lucy Mansell Family COOK, Shirley (I409)
50 Ida Mary (May) was born Sep 12, 1912. She is the daughter of William Mosson and Ada Parsons, and twin to Stanley Blanchard. She passed away in 2002. [1]

May Murray of Fairview Home, formerly of Alexander, Manitoba, peacefully passed away at Brandon General Hospital at the age of 89 years, on Tuesday, August 20, 2002. May was predeceased by her parents, William and Ada Mosson; sister, Edith; and brothers, William "Bill", Kenneth "Kelly", and twin brother, Stan. She is survived by her beloved husband of 53 years, Robert (Bob); and sons Wayne (Fleurette), David (Deby), and grandchildren Jaye and Kristin. May was born in Alexander, Manitoba on September 12, 1912 and resided there until retirement in Brandon. The greatest joy in May's life was the love for her children and grandchildren. She enjoyed curling, gardening, bingo, handicrafts and was a member of the I.O.D.E. The Funeral Service will be held at Memories Chapel, 330 -18th Street N., on Friday, August 23, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. Interment will follow at the Alexander Cemetery. Flowers are gratefully declined. Friends who wish may make a donation to the Brandon Regional Health Centre Foundation, 150 McTavish Avenue East, Brandon, MB, R7A 2B3. Arrangements are with Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre, 727-0330.Memorials Bdn. Regional Health Centre Foundation 
MOSSON, Ida Mary(May) (I81)

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